The Sixth Floor


The Sixth Floor is a unique intimate performance space on the top floor of The Candy Factory, a coworking space located in the heart of Lancaster city. Enjoy a spectacular view of downtown Lancaster while experiencing a unique offering of music, performance art, and chill nights.
ambient | experimental | dreampop | dreamfolk| shoegaze | art rock
We present concerts with artists who fall on a spectrum of similar styles from Brian Eno to Mazzy Star to Radiohead. Our concerts feature both conventional performances by established artists who explore the ethereal and atmospheric edges of music, and experimental concerts featuring improvised performances by artists who push the boundaries of music and sound using conventional and unconventional instruments.
The venue is limited to only 50 seats, so sign up for our email list to stay in the know and find out about performances before we post them publicly. We look forward to welcoming you to The Sixth Floor.


Jason Mundok has been promoting and producing listening room concerts in Lancaster since 2009. His Wood Stove House Concert series (2009-2013) featured local, regional, and touring acoustic acts from as close as Lancaster, PA and as far away as northern Ireland. He went on to produce a successful summer concert series at the Hans Herr House (2012-2014) in southern Lancaster County drawing audiences that topped 400. Mundok began pushing boundaries producing the Lancasphere concert series, featuring ambient, experimental, and atmospheric pop music at The Candy Factory (2014-2016). The spirit of Lancasphere will continue on The Sixth Floor with a focus on music that explores the ethereal and experimental edges of the ambient, pop, and rock genres.

Anne Kirby has been organizing events and shows in and around Lancaster for over ten years. In 2007 she founded The Creative House of Lancaster (The CHL), a creative social network which organized art events in alternative spaces, music events including benefit concerts like Lancaster for Haiti, experimental theater, public art projects, and more. With a focus on supporting local entrepreneurs, fostering community, and supporting the arts, she founded The Candy Factory, a coworking space, in 2010. Her goal is to provide all of our guests with the best experience possible from the venue to the performances and everything in between.